Stacey Defelice


“Consumer Product Events are an effortless and inexpensive platform for you to position your products in front of the top media outlets. Just one exposure alone can get your return on investment.”

Teri Sawyer

Pedego Bikes

“Consumer Products Events enabled us to make valuable contact with top journalists at Newsweek, Maxim and Los Angeles Times (among others) from which we secured amazing coverage for Pedego Electric Bikes. In part due to the success of the media coverage, Pedego is now the #1 electric bike brand in the United States. Thanks,CPE!”

Trish Hammond

Hammacher Schlemmer


“Being an in-house marketing department, we rarely have time to make the press calls that we’d like to. We spend our limited marketing budget on CPE events so we can meet all the reporters we need to see our products for the holidays. It’s easy, productive and super cost effective. We’ve been featured in People and Vogue!”

Deborah Lindquist

Deborah Lindquist Eco Lifestyle

“I showcased my wedding dresses at the Brides, Grooms, & Gifts Consumer Products Event and got immediate coverage only a few days after the event!  Fastest press I’ve ever received. This is a well-organized event with plenty of help to get the vendors in and/or out and settled. Plus we get a journalist contact list which no PR person I’ve worked with has ever given me.”

David J. Czerwinski

“The LA Times gift guide news is incredible.  We owe you and Consumer Product Events in a big way.”