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Media & Merch May 2024 Press Release


Salacious Seasonings, THC Recovery Tech, Smart Travel Accessories, Red Light Beauty, Wearable Art, Functional Crossbody Bags, Bar Soap Tech, Physicians & Their Supplements

(May 29, 2024, Malibu, CA) – Consumer Product Events will host Media & Merch: A (Virtual) Press Junket on May 29, 2024 at where product companies will meet the press. CPE is a matchmaker for products and press, helping PR agencies, in-house marketers and brands meet reporters who need products for reviews, roundups, listicles and gift guides. Products being presented include:

Chef Merito – Since 1985, Latino-founded Chef Merito, has delivered acclaimed seasonings and specialty food products through supermarkets and e-commerce. Going on their twelfth season as the “Official Seasoning of the Los Angeles Dodgers,” the brand connects with the community through seasonal and specialty in-stadium menu items including their fan-favorite Carne Asada nacho helmet.

Jordyn Elliott |

Dr Teal’s – For an elevated self-care ritual, bath lovers look for Dr Teal’s to recharge the body, mind, and spirit. Formulated with magnesium, potassium, zinc, and essential oils, their latest Restorative Minerals Line is inspired by the power of natural hot springs and geothermal nutrients for healthier looking skin. For Stress Relief, Dr Teal’s Stress Relief Pure Epsom Salt and Foaming Bath, with Ginger, Ginseng, and Rhodiola Rosea adaptogens to help reduce stress and relax your body.

Brianna Cameron |

HeyBamboo – is an eco-luxe bamboo toilet paper that’s good for the planet, and great for people. The natural, bleach-free rolls are soft and strong providing both sustainability, wellness and quality and made for those who are focused on making intentional purchases a basic part of life.

Joslyn Faust |

High-Not – is like a reset button that adjusts a cannabis high so that anyone can enjoy the experience with peace of mind. High-Not’s pharmacist-formulated THC recovery shots contain a blend of terpenoids that are clinically proven to reduce the negative effects of a cannabis high.

Antoine Awwad |

Mito Red light – As the demand for advanced red light therapy devices grows, Mito Red Light proudly introduces the MitoPRO X, a groundbreaking product designed to set new standards in the field. Complementing our award-winning MitoPRO+ Series, the MitoPRO X offers exceptional value, cutting-edge technology, and unparalleled flexibility and ease of use. MitoPRO X is a next-generation red light therapy device featuring multi-panels in a user-centric design with a touchscreen interface, brightness control, alarm function, and mobile app compatibility. With six precisely selected LED wavelengths of 590nm, 630nm, 660nm, 810nm, 830nm, and 850nm, the MitoPRO X marks a significant innovation leap forward.

RJ Carvis |

SingleTree Lane – Founded by the visionary stylist Anita Davenport, SingleTree Lane celebrates diversity and inclusivity with sustainably sourced wearable art. Their collection features hoodies, sweaters, joggers, track pants, adult onesies, hobo bags, and shoes, all adorned with unique patchwork, mixed prints, bold fabrics, graffiti art, and eclectic designs. They strive to represent all faces, blending their mission to “love all, serve all’ with striking style to ensure every item looks good and feels good for the planet.

Anita Davenport |

SoapStandle – This “Simple – Smart – Sustainable” innovation inhibits soap bar goo from developing and degrading cherished soap bars before their time. Made in the US, it affixes to a bar of soap via small points that go into one side of the bar to create an airy and elevated platform that allows the soap to completely dry between uses. There is nothing like this, and the US Patent Office agrees.

Jimmy Gould |

The Sash Bag – A functional iteration of the fashionable cross body bag trend, this patented design features 10 stacked pockets that evenly distributes weight for a feel of wearing nothing at all. Available in urban-chic to epic outdoor adventure styles, colors and fabrications, this ergonomic bag ensures everything is easily accessible and secure.

Jocelyn MacDonald |

YOUZEY – is a lifestyle brand that specializes in fashion, beauty, travel accessories, and gifts for a discerning customer, looking for style that is of the moment but classic enough to own for many years to come. Some highlight categories are luxurious scarves, statement sunglasses, smart travel pieces, must-have totes and a range of thoughtful gift items for everyone on your list – The savvy traveler, your favorite fashionista and your budding chef. Created by women who have an eye for quality but don’t take themselves too seriously, Youzey brings fun back to accessories for life.

Janet Carter |

1MD Nutrition – is a physician incubator that develops condition-specific nutritional supplements with scientifically researched ingredients from rigorous clinical trials – and in clinically effective doses. Made in facilities that are GMP standardized and NSF and/or SQF-certified, 1MD’s gastroenterologist, interventionist cardiology, rheumatologist, urologist, allergist, brain neurologist and immunologist, have offered their formulations online since 2015. Clients include Olympic and professional athletes in the NBA, NFL, and the U.S. Tennis Association.

Kathleen Gonzales |

About Media & Merch: A (Virtual) Press Junkets presented by Consumer Product Events, the brainchild of 35-year product launch veteran Alyson Dutch. A matchmaker for products and press, CPE was established in 2009 to connect product marketers directly with the press who are looking to report about them. CPE is a sister company of Malibu-based Brown + Dutch Public Relations, Inc.

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