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Product Showcase

ZVOX, the leader in dialogue clarification, uses its patented hearing aid technology AccuVoice to make dialogue more clear. The ZVOX AV157 TV Speakers also includes the new SuperVoice feature that reduces the level of background sound in TV programs. The AV157 is the latest addition to ZVOX comprehensive line of “hearing” products designed to help consumers who have difficulty understanding the dialog on their TV programming without blasting the volume or needing a hearing aid.

“The best way to understand our SuperVoice technology is to picture a stage,” says ZVOX founder Tom Hannaher. “But instead of a row of actors, imagine a row of sounds. Our proprietary AccuVoice technology, that we introduced in 2016, clarifies voices and brings them forward on the stage. Our SuperVoice technology takes the other sound effects into the background – ‘pushing them backstage’ – so they don’t interfere with voice intelligibility.”

The AccuVoice AV157 speaker combines six levels of AccuVoice dialogue boost, but also allows the consumer to add SuperVoice algorithms to each of those levels – giving the user 12 levels of dialogue boost…and unprecedented voice clarity. “With 12 levels of dialogue clarifying technology,” Hannaher says “the AV157 is perfect for people who have no hearing issues at all (but want better sound than what you get from a flat-screen TV) and it’s also beneficial for people with fairly serious hearing issues. It is an extremely smart, versatile product.”

In addition to 12 levels of dialogue boost the AV157 also includes ZVOX’s new “Alexa® Ready” feature which allows a user to connect an Alexa Echo® device to Input 2 and use it while listening to TV programming. For example you can be watching a football game and ask Alexa for the score of another game. The AV157 automatically turns down the sound of the football game long enough for you to hear Alexa’s answer through the speaker, then automatically turns up the soundtrack for the game.