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Trücup Low-Acid Coffee

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Hailing from the coffee capital of Seattle, Washington, trücup uses a natural process to remove acids that can be harmful to the stomach, but leaves in all the flavor, caffeine and aroma for a delicious and smooth cup of joe. trücup comes in a variety of roasts, so no matter how you like your coffee, you can find one that’s trüe for you. With 60% less acid than leading brands, our lightest roast, Born to Be Mild, clocked in at a pH level of 5.74 meaning coffee lovers with sensitive stomachs or those who suffer from GERD, heartburn or acid reflux can drink their coffee with peace of mind.

Our five roasts named after 70s and 80s rock tunes come in beans and grounds and our single-serve pods are 100% compostable made with no plastic at all. It’s a pod designed for the planet!