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Style Union Home

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Fashion powerhouse Kym Gold couldn’t find a bowl.

Not just any bowl, but a beautiful bowl. A bowl that was inherently authentic, had an attitude and would make memories. A tall order for such a humble vessel.

So she made her own.

And Style Union Home was born. A collection of ceramic art in the voice of fashion. Yep, fashion. Tableware and decorative accessories refined by an eye for style, custom glazes blended by a legend in the ceramics biz, for a design talent forged in the world of luxury jeans. If that doesn’t set us apart, then you know something we don’t.

For us, “small batch” and “artisanal” are not hollow search words – it’s the way we actually work. Each piece is made by a master ceramicist, showing their hand… their personality… in the finish. And each piece made in L.A.

Because integrity is kind of a thing with us, we put our values – convergence, equality and the power of women – to practice in our daily workplace. In fact, we donate 5% of all sales from our Unity Collection to Black Women for Wellness. We hope you can feel all this in each and every piece you buy from us. We think you will.

That’s our story, and we’re sticking to it.



Kym Gold
Entrepreneurial force of nature, triplet sister and mother of three, Kym Gold is intense. Which explains a lot.

Like how she co-founded iconic jeans brand True Religion when there were plenty of designer jeans already to be found. Or like how she launched her mega-watt fashion career standing on the boardwalk in Venice, California selling t-shirts off a rolling rack. Or how she raised her sons after a divorce while heading up one successful fashion brand after another.

In her book “Gold Standard,” Kym’s candid rapid-fire voice reveals all that, plus offers savvy business advice honed from 30 years of firsthand involvement in L.A.’s leading-edge fashion industry. This behind-the-scenes experience added to her passion for mentoring, makes Kym a highly sought after speaker at national Fashion Week events, motivational podcasts and friend’s dinner soirees.