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Product Showcase

In the seasonal traditions of the fashion world from where Kym Gold spent 30 years creating iconic brands like True Religion, she now brings a Holiday Collection to her new luxury home brand, Style Union Home. The Holiday Collection focuses on organic and elegant kitchen pieces from serving platters and bowls to truly special utensils designed for the most precious of epicurean cargo. Each modernistic piece is handmade in SUH’s downtown East LA atelier by local potters in elegantly textured clays.

Patricia Platter

An organically shaped and handled platter that makes transporting a smoked turkey from the barbeque to the table a grande presentation or a perfect perch for the buche de noel.

Gail Pour

You could call it a gravy boat, but this bird-shaped epicurean pour serves up everything saucy from cranberry condiments to herby au jus; or maybe citrus champagne to flourish the frisee? Gail’s shape pairs perfectly with the Paige pitcher.

Naya Set of 3

There is nothing sweeter than my best friend’s little girl Naya. She reminds me of cake, ice cream and all things nice. The ever-so-slightly footed and hand-constructed bowl gives an elevated profile to this darling nested plate set; a trio so well suited to partner with the Francis Cake Stand.

Luna Plate Set

There’s nothing like a set of four little hand-crafted plates to serve up precious slices of Viennese Sacher Torte or the Panettone your Italian-phile friends dropped by while home for the holidays. Add a tall espresso or spiked eggnog in the Maya Mugs for the complete experience. These are the tiny plates from the Naya set.

Mila Plate Set

Mila is a diminutive of Slavic language names meaning “gracious” or “dear,” which can definitely be said about this set of medium sized small-bite plates from the Naya trio. The hand-hewn, organically shaped pieces go well with the rest of our Malibu collection, but we like them for late night latkes.

Bella Bowl Set

Ah Bella; she is indeed lovely, especially filled with dollops of creamy English trifle or maybe mom’s matzo ball soup? Pick her up, thumb on the rim and fingers into the divot of the tiny profile foot to ensure you get every last drop. How can something feel so good in your hands? The Bella are the bowls from the Naya set.

Francis Cake Stand

Standing on principle is important, especially when dessert is involved. The Francis cake dish can make a stand for a fancy croquembouche, pile of gingerbread cookies or a babka – you pick. The thrown top plate features a hand-pinched rim and wide bell-shaped center foot.

Cake Server

A truly special occasion utensil, our ceramic cake server is designed for the most precious of epicurean cargo. Hatched by our master potters in one, uniform piece of strong compressed clay, this conversation piece marries well with the Francis Cake Stand. The beveled edges slip effortlessly under pumpkin pie, a caramelized onion tarte or a New Year’s morning frittata.

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