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In the Raw features 8 new, gritty and glazeless decor pieces from grapefruit, fig and rose-scented 4-wick candles that melt down to sophisticated catchalls to rebelliously handbuilt and asymmetrical vases with grainy grips. Each modernistic piece is handmade in SUH’s downtown East LA atelier by local potters in elegantly textured clays and retail between $88 – $358.

Vivian Vase – It can be hard to find someone charming, open, and sophisticated. Fortunately, Vivian takes care of that better than last night’s blind date. Handbuilt, this squat rectangular and round-shouldered beaut with a peekaboo belly features two top openings in which to slip a bundle of rosemary or a single blooming stem. $248

Sophia Vase – There’s more to Sophia than what meets the eye. A mid-century art piece with a large off-center oblong see-through and flower opening is hand-built into a rounded-corner rectangular shape with ever-so-soft edges. Modernism at it’s best. $358

Enchantment Candle Holder – A stunningly simple perpendicular meeting of two solid tubes of grainy white, noir or birch colored clay, one lays down to stabilize the apex of the priapic other. $115

Ali Vase – A fun desk piece to play with on long conference calls. A thrown vessel, this classically thin-throated and voluptuous-bellied vase features 3 loosely fitting (and delightful sounding) ceramic rings, each with scalloped and otherwise textured edges. $215

Jack Raw Catchall – Unlike the man in your life, the wide mouthed and solo-footed Jack catchall will hold just about anything. Three sizes can be tiered for a perfect accent trio. $88

Jack Raw Candle – This hand-moulded footed bowl is filled with grapefruit, meditteranen fig or rose-scented wax and 4 wicks. The Jack begins as mood lighting and burns down to a catchall. $105

Jill Raw Candle – The original crumpled, wavy bowl of the SUH collections, the Jill is a hand-moulded thick slab built piece filled with grapefruit, meditteranen fig or rose-scented wax with 4 wicks. The Jill candle burns down to hold jewelry, keys, or even kisses. Chocolate ones. $105

Cameron Vase – A turned vase with a triangular-shaped ascension to a medium diameter neck, the Cameron is topped in a perfect serif ledge. $248