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Product Showcase

The SoapStandle does one big thing – it improves the user experience with bar soap. This improvement results from four underlying aspects. First, it attaches to and stays with the bar, creating an elevated platform from which water drains and allows air to circulate 360 degrees, so the bar dries completely. Since the bar isn’t degenerating prematurely, it lasts about 30% longer. Second, the ergonomic grooves allow a grip, transforming what is typically one of the slipperiest things (a wet soap bar) into a manageable tool. Third, it provides a path away from the environmental train wreck of liquid soap to the smaller carbon footprint of bar soap.

The SoapStandle is the basis of the SoapStandle “system” – six products that take advantage of how the SoapStandle attaches to and stays with the bar of soap, allowing water to drain and the bar to completely dry 

– Original Flat, Curved, Mini, Stainless Steel, Patented Travel Case, Dish