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Product Showcase

Showaflops is a water friendly footwear brand that is so fashionable that you can wear from the Showa’ to the street.
Perfect for all public showers in gym, dorms, camps, pools, locker rooms or anywhere that germs lurk. Showaflops were designed for comfort, style and versatility. They are high quality, durable and comfortable… outlasting most flip flops on the market. Don’t let the Showa’ shoe category fool you, we manufacture trendy footwear for women, men and children that follow the latest fashion trends, while offering the following extra added benefits:

-Unique drainage hole designs for quick dry comfort. No more waterlogged flip flops.
-Slip resistant soles to help against slipping on even the most slippery surfaces.
– Antimicrobials which help protect feet against mold, fungus and bacteria from floors.

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