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Sharing Solace

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Grief is lonely and debilitating – whatever it is and however it’s experienced.
When you’re on the outside trying to support a friend in sorrow and pain you can often feel helpless.

When you don’t have the words, give them something tangible to ‘Remember. You’re not alone.’

I founded Sharing Solace to help grievers grieve and lovers love their grievers through patented, tangible gifts and a meaningful community to wrap them in strength and support.

You see, grief doesn’t just disappear like magic after 3, 6, or even 12 months. You learn to carry that grief as best you can for the rest of your life…but no one wants to talk about grief so no one tells you that.

Sharing Solace’s pass-along-able Token + Locket Sets allow you to give the right support when you only have the wrong words:

Keep your Token + Locket near your heart as long as it brings you comfort. When it no longer brings that same support it once did it – symbolizing you’re ready to release that heavy, debilitating grief – remove your inner Token from your outer Locket – place the inner Token into a new Locket – and pay that locket forward on to someone you know that needs extra love and support as they move along their grief journey as well.

You keep your outer Locket as a constant reminder you are still a WHOLE person – you will just always have a little HOLE.

The REALLY neat part is that by registering your inner Token on our website, (using the unique identifier inscribed on the back) you are able to follow your Token on our Token Tree as it moves from person to person, showing just how many lives you’ve impacted by sharing your story; creating an interconnected web of love and support while helping you to always ‘Remember. You’re not alone.’