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Sharing Solace

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Sharing Solace helps grievers grieve and lovers love their griever through technology-elevated, pass-along-able gifts wrapped in a meaningful community of support and strength – so you can always ‘Remember. You’re not alone.’

Grief is lonely and debilitating; when you’re on the outside looking in trying to support a friend in sorrow you can often feel helpless. The current options for grief gifts just don’t cut it: lasagnas get eaten (or mold) and flowers are just a beautiful reminder that everything dies.

Our premium Token + Locket Sets allow you to give the right support when all you have are the wrong words:

Keep your Necklace or Keychain near your heart as long as it brings you comfort. When it no longer brings the same support it once did it – it symbolizes you’re ready to release that heavy on your heart, all-consuming grief. Remove your inner Token from your outer Locket – place the inner Token into a new Locket from our website – and pay that locket forward to someone you know that needs extra love and support as they move along their own grief journey.

You keep your outer Locket as a constant reminder you are always going to have a hole…and also you are still a WHOLE person.

Each inner Token has a unique identifier inscribed on the back. When you register that identifier on our website,, you are able to follow your Token on our Token Tree as it moves from person to person: sharing your story and creating an interconnected web of love and support.