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Product Showcase

Pillpanion is the reinvented, minimalist pill organizer. Every year thousands of people are hospitalized due to mismanaged medication. According to the CDC, adherence to prescribed medications is associated with improved clinical outcomes for chronic disease management and reduced mortality from chronic conditions.

With Pillpanion, there are no more bulky boxes with limited storage options. Grab and go pouches for your daily or weekly dosage. Add or remove pill pouches to fit your dosing schedule, while travelling or at home. Large colorful tabs feature braille for each day of the week, and a lockable case to keep contents secure. The set also includes a medication list with emergency information which is key when visiting a doctor or ER. This product was invented for people that are tired of not being able to fit all of their medications and supplements into one organized place. This is the perfect gift for seniors that want to stay independent, their caregivers, supplement enthusiasts and travelers.