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Pang Wangle is reinventing outdoor leisurewear by adding bug repellent technology into timeless styles for better travel and outdoor living. For the fashion and eco-conscious traveler, gardener, bug magnet, and outdoorsy-type, our earth-friendly wraps, scarves, bandanas, and blankets offer easy protection from biting bugs; a break from sticky, toxic bug spray; and the freedom to have more fun outside.

The mosquito is, by far, the deadliest creature on the planet. In fact, diseases spread by insects are on the rise worldwide and global warming is making the problem worse. Bug sprays and lotions put chemicals onto your skin, into the air, into the water supply, and hurt the environment. It’s time to adapt. Our Insect Shield® products can help reduce overall pesticide use.

First developed for the U.S. military, Insect Shield® technology repels mosquitoes, ticks, flies, fleas,
ants and chiggers. It’s EPA approved for everyone – including pregnant or nursing women and infants – and lasts 70+ washes. Currently found in backwoods camping and outdoor work clothes, our approach is different: Our bug repellent clothes are soft, sustainable and stylish, offering a more elegant aesthetic for the carefully planned girl’s trip to the tropics, outdoor wedding, or brunch al fresco.

The Essential Wrap with Insect Shield is the hero, landing founder Jen John a Friday night spot on
QVC last summer. After multiple sell-outs, we are now fully restocked and plan to scale quickly to offer a full line of eco-conscious and bug repellent apparel for women and men within the next two years.

New Orleans-based CEO Jen John is a journalist and documentary filmmaker, outdoor enthusiast, and bug magnet who founded Pang Wangle after years of carrying bug spray around in her purse and slathering it on day and night. Look for the upcoming launch of the Pang Wangle Travel Podcast: Wild Stories from Far Out Places, produced and hosted by John and featuring narrative stories about outdoor and travel misadventures, told through interviews with travel influencers, culture bearers, and local experts.

/paNG waNGlə/ v. 1. To go along cheerfully despite minor misfortunes.

Pang Wangle is a vintage American phrase that reflects our optimistic approach to enjoying the outdoors – despite those little bloodsuckers – with the right clothes and the right attitude.

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