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It seems like every day we wake up to a new world. The norm is no longer and we are being bombarded with anxiety inducing information. I want to bring some happiness to your life. Oli and Tess is meant to bring that deep soul connection. When you purchase your piece, it’s not on a whim, it’s with an intent to pass it down and create an heirloom. It is an adornment, a gorgeous symbol of adoration, success or self love.

We are all in this crazy world together. Connections are now more important than ever. The Oli and Tess flower is a symbol of unity. It’s petals all connected. I designed it for my family. My husband and I spent years trying to make our family. After many losses, we were so grateful to finally have Oli and Tess. Our unit was complete.

Since then the Oli and Tess unity flower has evolved; friends have bought gifts for each other as mementos of life- long friendships and others have felt a connection to a certain gemstone.

Whatever it means to you, I want it to make you FEEL something!

Image Descriptions in order:

Our 18k Rose Gold Eternity band or Cigar band cast with .24 carats Diamonds is the ultimate symbol of family strength and unity. Handcrafted with over 11 grams of gold and Vs2 diamonds, it will be cherished for generations.

Dazzling Australian Opal flowers hanging from gold hoop earrings. All sets are one-of-a-kind as no two opals are the same. These earrings can be personalized with variations in color and hoop size!

Handmade 14k gold tennis bracelet with Sleeping Beauty Turquoise. This gorgeous piece is like wearing a spring bouquet on your wrist and with it’s meaningful flower, its sure to make you feel connected.

The Oli & Tess flower symbolizes unity.

I love opals and have done since my boyfriend bought me a Victorian opal and diamond ring from his native Scotland. The color and depth of these stones is limitless (if they are well selected) and they can represent so many different events or emotions for people who own them. In my case the boyfriend who brought me the ring became my husband and father to our two children, one of which is the first girl to have been born into his family since 1870. When she was born, pink and round with dazzling, electric blue eyes, I knew immediately that I was going to create an opal ring to celebrate her. And that is how the collection began…

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