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Nature’s Stash

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Indiana grown, Nature’s Stash is a soil to oil hemp company that is proving the most potent and pure hemp extract Mother Nature and science can make. Hand selected genetics grown for rare cannabinoid profiles to maximize the entourage effect based on cannabinoid synergies. Plants over pills is our mission. We’re achieving our mission by providing you 3rd party tested, potency guaranteed, full spectrum products produced in GMP compliant labs. Our full spectrum products never touch harsh chemicals. Ever. 

Nature’s Stash’s mission is deeper than the roots that grow in our industry. Plants over Pills what drives us. We’re a soil to oil company, or seed to shelf, depending on your preference.    

The Majority of our competitors are using solvents such as methane, butane and ethanol that leave residual solvents. We’re setting the Gold Standard in the medicinal cannabis product.   

Nature’s stash is a health company, not a high company, that delivers a full spectrum product that delivers a product aimed at the people that need it the most. We selected the genetics, cultivated (farmed) the product, processed, and worked closely with our extraction partners and outside chemists and scientists to keep on the forefront of this growing industry.