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Mettalusso Knows
Skin Health = Mental Health.

The Mettalusso Skincare Collection is specifically designed to revitalize skin for natural beauty and greater makeup performance.

MISTEEE Vegan Makeup Remover

  • No More Red Eyes after makeup removal.
  • Vegan and Oil Free Makeup Cleanser.
  • Unique fine Spray Application provides multiple applications.
  • Micro Foam activation gently yet completely removes all makeup residue.
  • Formulated with skincare complex that calms, restores + conditions.
  • Removes all makeup including long-wear.

Multiple Applications for Eyes + Face + Brushes.

Skincare Complex:

Chamomile calms and helps reduce inflammation
Aloe smooths and conditions
Sodium PCA restores hydration
Glycosaminoglycans hydrate, strengthen and nourish.

Cleansing Instructions:

FOR EYES – spray Misteee™ liberally into a tissue and gently massage and wipe away until clean. Rinse with water after if desired.

FOR SKIN – spray Misteee™ into hands and lather the micro foam, and gently massage area to be cleaned. Apply to a cotton pad or soft cloth and gently and completely wipe off cosmetics and impurities until clean. Follow up with warm water and rinse until clean.

FOR BRUSHES-spray Misteee™ directly on the brush. For daily quick clean, wipe off brush with a clean cloth or paper towel. Let dry. For a deeper clean, spray on additional MIST and gently massage brush hair under running water until water runs clear. Gently remove excess water on brush hairs with clean cloth and let air dry. Safe for all brush types.