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Loft & Bear Artisanal Vodka

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Loft & Bear is handcrafted in the heart of South Central, LA and acclaimed as the “whiskey-drinker’s vodka” by Los Angeles Magazine for its smoothness and rich aroma. The soft mouth-feel and subtle vanilla notes characterized by the soft winter wheat grains are the reason Loft & Bear was named one of six spirits from Southern California for summer sipping by the Los Angeles Times.
Loft & Bear is the brainchild of Paul Ryan Elliot, an east coast native and a graduate of University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill. Paul learned the art of distilling when his family’s construction company fell on hard times. Set out with a strong desire to diversify and innovate within the beverage space he set on fulfilling his goal. Loft & Bear’s commitment to social awareness is seen in its Distill.Drink.Donate program in which 5% of Loft & Bear profits are donated to PATH, a charity aimed at ending homelessness and providing support for distressed families, veterans affairs, and human services throughout Southern California.
The spirits we produce and how we evolve in the beverage alcohol space will continue to be a reflection of our customer’s needs and our drive to innovate. We have a unique opportunity to fill a cultural void; to become the voice of a generation who’s shaping our future; getting more out of life, getting more out of yourself, getting more out of our spirit(s).


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