LINGO Coding Kit

Product Showcase
Tech Made Easy! LINGO is a self-paced, STEM-based, home-learning, coding kit that enables learners, teens and older, to enhance their STEM skills in a fun and engaging way by building a back-up sensor for an autonomous car (think Tesla) and the code to make it work.

LINGO comes with step-by-step videos and community support. The kit also includes follow-on materials that complement the highly detailed instructional booklet and inspire continued exploration. LINGO community members also have access to STEM lessons via the LINGO learning portal.

LINGO was created by a team of experienced engineers and veteran educators at the Educational Directorate of STEMBoard, a minority-owned company with a mission to inspire learning and careers in STEM amongst students from disadvantaged communities. Aisha Bowe, an aerospace engineer and former NASA rocket scientist, is the company’s founder and CEO. Here is a link to a feature on Aisha in Entrepreneur magazine: