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Kingston Technology Company, Inc

Product Showcase

Kingston’s Workflow Station and Readers provide a flexible system to transfer video, photos and audio from multiple sources at once. It allows you to expedite your post production workflow in a fully customizable way whether you’re using SD or microSD cards to capture footage. The Workflow Station dock allows content creators to connect up to four readers (USB miniHub, SD readers, microSD readers) simultaneously to quickly transfer footage. The dock and readers support USB 3.2 speeds and the card readers can also be used on-the-go for added flexibility. When you need to shoot on location, simply drop the USB miniHub or readers into your bag and connect them to your laptop using the included USB-C cable.

Whether its industry-standard 4K/8K video capture, burst photography or even filming in extreme conditions, Kingston manufactures SD and microSD cards in different capacities and speeds to fit the needs of all content creators.