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Since 1992 Kikkerland Design has established itself as one of the top companies in the world offering unique, well designed products to inspire our customers and their needs.

Kikkerland supports and represents independent, self-producing designers from around the world. In addition, our 15-person in-house design team creates and develops new products every day:

● Clever things to intrigue you
● Smart things that make everyday tasks easier
● Fun things that make you feel happy

Today, Kikkerland Design continues to offer the world’s largest collection of ingenious items combining form, function, and delight in equal parts – found in thousands of stores around the world, including museums, independent specialty stores, department stores, grocery, garden and hardware stores – individually curated for each buyer’s needs.

At Kikkerland Design we pride ourselves on giving back to local and global organizations, ranging from ecological restoration projects to creative writing and design programs for underserved youth.

Products & Assortments

Kikkerland Design travels the globe looking for the latest trends, carefully curating collections and experiences to delight our customers.

We make and market a wide variety of merchandise – from eco-friendly reusable essentials to personal care accessories, stationery, tech, toys and games.
● Household essentials
● Home decor
● Garden
● Kitchen & dining
● Toys
● Tech
● Outdoor
● Beauty
● Personal care
● Pet
● Travel
● School & office supplies
● Party Supplies
Kikkerland Design is committed to reducing plastics in packaging and other one-use plastic materials. We offer a growing selection of reusable straws, produce bags, reusable bottle cleaners, glass water bottles, reusable zip-closed bags, bag clips for bulk buying, and USB rechargeable items. And because it is Kikkerland, every product is designed with a little twist in hopes of making you smile.

Product Descriptions

Goat Yoga Game (item GG161)
Get ready for some un-BLEAT-able party fun with Goat Yoga – the game where you have to complete crazy yoga poses with an inflatable goat! Goat Yoga is the perfect way to loosen up your party guests or challenge yourself. Literally. The game comes complete with 100 crazy cards that detail your pose or activity, a score pad, and of course, an inflatable goat. The goal? Complete your goat pose in the most memorable way possible while keeping your inflatable companion in position. Don’t let the competition bleat you out! Designed By: Galactic Sneeze for Kikkerland Design

Social Distance Zapper (item US205)
Zap! Make everyone around you practice safe distancing. Extends up to 5″ including arm length when fully extended. Give a 4.5 Volt Zap to that co-worker or grandson that gets to close – reminding them also they better be wearing a mask! Designed by Jan van der Lande, founder of Kikkerland Design.

Tie Dye Face Mask Kit (item #MK05)
Make your own tie dye masks. We’re all into crafting right now and tie dying is more popular than ever. A 60’s and 70’s craft revival for the times. Designed by Kikkerland Design Team

Solar Rainbowmaker (item#1588)
Kikkerland Design’s most popular item with bloggers and celebrities – the Solar Powered RainbowMaker. Featured on Miley Cyrus’s IG, the Joy Cho’s @ohjoy blog, and many more.
All you need to create a rainbow is a little sun with the Solar-Powered Rainbow Maker With Swarovski Crystal! It attaches easily to your window and creates an explosion of rainbow patterns when the sun hits it! According to Feng Shui, the moving rainbows bring great Chi into your home. Everyone deserves a rainbow day! Designed by David Dear for Kikkerland Design.

Water from a Crystal (item WR02)
It’s not just celebs who swear by crystals for their alleged healing powers – everyone has a friend or relative into crystals in one way or another. They’re a symbol of protection and healing. Water From A Crystal is a glass vessel that you fill with water and place in your potted plants, they slowly drip water through a small hole at the bottom. Designed by Mackenzi Farquer for Kikkerland Design.

DIY Beeswax Kit (item#CU320)
As we do away with plastics in the home and office – especially around the food we eat – beeswax coated cloth are flexible, durable and stylish. Learn to make your own crafted beeswax wraps – before you know it your whole refrigerator will be full of wrapped fruits and vegetables. This is a great learning exercise for kids, teaching them the importance of using less plastic and what can be done with beeswax and cloth. Designed by Kikkerland Design Team