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In 1992 Kikkerland Design established itself as a design incubator, offering a range of boldly whimsical and useful products. Our in-house team works directly with top independent designers to create products that are practical but never predictable.

  • Clever things that spark intrigue
  • Smart products that same time, simplify tasks, and crackle with wit
  • Conversation-starters that spread joy

With distribution points in China, Hong Kong, Rotterdam and Dallas – Kikkerland products can be found around the globe – from art museums and indie boutiques to big box megastores, even grocery, garden and hardware stores. Our innovative products-selected by skilled buyers and curators- make shopping fun and inspiring. 

At Kikkerland Design we pride ourselves on giving back to local and global organizations, ranging from ecological restoration projects to creative writing and design programs for underserved youth.

Our latest initiative is a matching donation project for Medicins Sans Frontieres (Doctors without Borders/ Artsen zonder Grenzen) our goal is to reach $100K by the end of the year. Kikkerland will match every donation sent via this link

Kikkerland Products & Assortments

We make and market a wide variety of merchandise – from eco-friendly reusable essentials to personal care accessories, stationery, tech, toys and games. 

  • Household essentials
  • Home decor
  • Garden
  • Kitchen & dining
  • Toys
  • Tech 
  • Outdoor
  • Beauty
  • Personal care
  • Pet
  • Travel
  • School & office supplies
  • Party Supplies

Kikkerland Design is committed to reducing plastics and other one-use plastic materials. We offer a growing selection of reusable straws, produce bags, reusable bottle cleaners, glass water bottles, reusable zip-closed bags, bag clips for bulk buying, and USB rechargeable items. And because it is Kikkerland, every product is designed with a little twist in hopes of making you smile.


Ikebana Kit 

An introduction to the Japanese art of flower arrangement. Ikebana was popular in the US in the 70’s and is now making a resurgence as people are getting back to all things living like gardening and creating. There are many ways and schools of Ikebana – to fit each personality. Perfect creative way to zen out.

Tofu Turtle Press

Looking to get your protein in a more sustainable fashion? The benefits of plant based proteins are extraordinary – not only could we cut our water footprint in half globally, the health benefits alone should convince us to eat less meat. Tofu keeps you fuller longer on less calories than meat. Tofu may reduce the risk of heart disease – especially when swapped for saturated fat-heavy animal proteins. 

The Tofu Turtle Press removes moisture allowing for seasoning to take hold, and improve the texture of the tofu.

8 Reasons to eat plant-based and save water:

Huckleberry Collection– A line of simple tools and toys for young explorers to start their own outdoor adventure.

A few new products imagined by Dutch Designers Koens & Middlekoop Design, who started this brand to get their own kids off their devices to play outside more.

New for 2021:

Huckleberry Make Your Own Garden

Huckleberry Hear the Beat of Nature

Huckleberry Cable Transport

Huckleberry Popcorn Maker 


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