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I Can’t. I Have My Period

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We’ve been too good for too long. For generations we’ve allowed our pain and suffering to be ignored, dismissed and taken for granted. We smiled through the pain and misunderstanding. We pushed through because we were told to bleed and smile and not complain. Well. Enough. Period.

It’s become more apparent than ever that we need to start with the basics.

We need to speak up. We need to be heard. We need to be seen.

Together we can start to make an impact and speak our truth.

We started this store to not only help bring awareness to a topic that is misunderstood, but, to help start a visual revolution where we can be seen and understood. Simply by wearing and using our items we can start to make an impact without saying a word. And with every purchase, your funds will be going to support causes for reproductive health, education, sanitary supplies, peri-menopause and menopause groups that need help. We can make that happen!

With our store sales and donations, we will be able to start our own movement- while we vote each month on a charity, person or institution that needs sanitary supplies or financial support. While doing that, we will mass share the merchandise so we can be seen and recognized once and for all, and treated with real understanding…NO MORE SMILING WHILE BLEEDING AND IN PAIN!
We need to ask why sanitary supplies such as toilet paper, soap and paper towels are provided for free, but women have to pay the extra amount for the same basic right to tampons and pads? It is a basic human right, one that provides dignity and erases period shame.
We need to ask why we not only have to pay above and beyond unregulated prices for sanitary supplies, held for decades by a monopoly of brands, but on top of that, pay a PINK TAX, or LUXURY TAX on said items. It is about power and humiliation.

We need to ask why girls across the country cannot have access to supplies in schools and potentially face years of trauma and ridicule for not having the ability to purchase such expensive items.

We need to think, with soon to be more unwanted pregnancies than ever, who will pay for the thousands of children heading into foster care or even jail (for protecting their own health) the extra expense of sanitary supplies. Because in jail, sanitary supplies are not provided. Again, an expense and a punishment.
Shame and Power. They want us to have only shame and no power. PERIOD.

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