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Hello Again

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Hello Again is a cannabis brand that combines the power of the plant with specific botanicals to treat the symptoms of menopause and more. Founded by friends and former stay at home moms Carrie Mapes and Patty Pappas, Hello Again is on a mission to demystify menopause and cannabis one vaginal suppository at a time. The company was founded in 2019 after the two took a chance trip to a dispensary and realized something powerful; cannabis had oodles of potential to treat the symptoms of menopause that they, and their friends, were experiencing

Whether it be hot flashes, anxiety, brain fog, low energy, vaginal dryness, poor sleep, or plain old irritability, Hello Again is here to help ladies feel like themselves again. Both EVERYDAY and SLEEP formulas are available throughout dispensaries in California.

Everyday is (unsurprisingly) for everyday life! With a ratio of 1THC: 8CBD, consumers can expect to get their mojo back through better focus, more sustained energy levels, mental clarity, temperature regulation, and pain reduction.

Sleep helps users reacquaint with a little thing called a good night’s sleep. Packing a little more THC (4THC: 1CBD), the sleep formula puts it where it counts to get you off counting sheep for good. Blended with valerian root, lavender, chamomile, and other botanicals, Hello Again’s evening formula helps a girl get some rest; and we all know there is nothing a woman can’t do when she gets a good night’s sleep.

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