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The dooloop is a simple yet revolutionary invention that handles bags of dog poop! How sexy is that? Sexier then carrying it, right? The dooloop is actually easier and quicker to use than stuffing bags into a pocket let alone hanging onto it for the duration. Attached to your leash handle, bags easily slide on and off with one hand, zero fiddling. Your hands are freed for something better….coffee?! Phone?

The dooloop addresses another pressing concern, by promoting proper disposal. We’ve all seen forgotten bags littering paths and roads, yick.

Dooloops are Maine made and designed with the environmentally-conscious consumer in mind. They are produced with a non-toxic bio-plastic that will not degrade into micro-plastic. The packaging is minimal, a recycled paper tag and ball chain.

So while 2020 has ‘gone to the dogs’, for dogs, it’s been a golden era, with a record number of adoptions and their people working from home. The dooloop isn’t seasonal or a fad, it’s a great thing to have and a fun gift to give.