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Clixo is a first-of-its-kind, multisensory, magnetic, and flexible building toy that can be built in 2D and 3D unlocking everyone’s imagination and creativity. Instead of being rigid and geometric, Clixo is flexible, tactile, and reminiscent of the shapes we see in the natural world. The different shapes and pieces connect together by snapping the red magnet and the blue magnet together. The pieces are also flexible and can be curved in different ways to make different designs.

Through its ingenious, research-based design, Clixo enables kids to learn science, spatial, and tactile skills from turning flat 2D shapes into 3D objects. The pieces also encourage experimentation, enabling kids to turn abstract concepts and creative ideas into tangible reality. Elements in the design also involve certain constraints, which help foster soft skills like creative thinking, patience, and persistence.

Unlike other building sets, Clixo pieces are flexible and don’t require a flat surface to build on. The pieces also stack easily and pack light, to make it easier for kids to play with or wear on the go. Strong durable magnets enable kids to stick it to any magnetic surface for even more play possibilities. And cleanup is a snap – just stack the pieces up and you’re all done!

Clixo pieces are made from recyclable and durable synthetic paper with strong-embedded magnets for maximum safety. The materials are proprietary, kid-safe (non-toxic), and specially developed for the brand. Safety is a priority for Clixo and all Clixo products have passed numerous laboratory tests and are compliant with federal toy safety standards including ASTM, EN71, and California’s Proposition 65. The packaging is made from recycled bamboo and is sustainably manufactured too.

With its stackable packing design and magnets keeping the pieces together with a click, Clixo is the perfect toy for all ages – it’s travel-friendly, mess-free, screen-free, and eco-friendly. Clixo was created with the goal of encouraging open-ended play amongst all ages and emphasizing the importance of making time for play.

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