Take charge of your health — not just when you are ill and facing challenges—but everyday. Dr. Raleigh Duncan, Founder and CEO of Clearlight®, and his team believe everyone deserves the opportunity to enhance and restore their health, wellness, and vitality at home, in the office, and on the go in a non-invasive way.

With more than 25 years and 20+ patents / patents pending, Clearlight®—the industry leader in infrared sauna and pioneer in innovative health and wellness solutions—is committed to making this a reality. Dr. Raleigh will share the reasons he embarked on his journey. He will discuss the brand’s award-winning HaloOne® product—the only halogenerator that incorporates vibrating mesh technology—and the benefits of on-demand salt therapy. Dr. Raleigh will also formally debut the Red Light Therapy (RTL) product line—the only red light therapy unit available using Variable Optics™, and talk about what it is, its healing and restorative power as well as the efficacy of RLT.

  • HaloOne® Release — Portable and Award-Winning Halotherapy Generator Uses Patent-Pending Technology to Deliver Key Benefits of On-Demand Salt Therapy to Consumers at Home, in the Office, as Part of their Clearlight Sauna, or While Traveling
  • Red Light Therapy Release – Health and Wellness Pioneer Clearlight® Launches The Only Full Body Red Light Therapy Unit Available Today Using Variable Optics™ (embargoed news for attendees only)


Raleigh Clinton Duncan
Founder, and CEO of Sauna Works, Inc. / Clearlight Infrared Saunas

Dr. Duncan is a Board-Certified Doctor of Chiropractic and started Sauna Works / Clearlight Infrared more than 25 years ago. Sauna Works / Clearlight Infrared is the industry leader in infrared sauna and pioneer in innovative health and wellness solutions. The Berkeley-based wellness-based company designs, manufactures, and distributes infrared saunas and other complementary healing devices worldwide. Dr. Duncan has held the position of CEO for over 25 years. Prior to founding Sauna Works Inc./Clearlight Infrared, Dr. Duncan spent 25 years implementing computer-controlled machinery for many manufacturing facilities in the US. Dr. Duncan is widely considered one of the early pioneers in infrared sauna technologies and holds numerous patents related to technologies for healing the human body. He obtained his Bachelor of Science degree from Excelsior College and his doctorate from Life West Chiropractic College. Raleigh splits his time between Berkeley, Chelsea and Mendocino, CA.

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