Carmel Berry Co.

Put the Power of Fresh Pressed Elderberry Immune Supplements in Your Health & Wellness Holiday Stockings and Gift Baskets Meet the most pure and potent ways to support your immune system while supporting American farmers! Carmel Berry Company, a woman-owned, WBEC-certified elderberry company committed to using only fresh elderberries sourced directly from American farmers, is featuring their top-selling Fresh-Pressed Elderberry Immune Supplements this holiday season. These must-have additions to the Carmel Berry Collection are available nationwide direct-to-consumer, at several independent markets in Northern California and in select stores around the U.S.

For centuries, people have utilized the power of the elderberry, one of nature’s most versatile superfruits. Known for its potent nutritional benefits and traditional immune support—modern
studies have shown that elderberry is particularly helpful promoting year-round immune wellness. Carmel Berry Co’s fresh pressed syrups offer health conscious consumers a more
pure and potent option for immune support.

“We can help you fill your stockings while filling a gap in the elderberry category by offering a highly potent Immune Syrup with no refined sugar, thickeners, or preservatives,” said Founder
Katie Reneker. “These elderberry products capture and expand this superfruit’s full potential with elderberries that are fresh, not dried, and American-grown. There are no compromises
here—the supplements and all of our products are well-sourced and packed with elderberry’s health benefits.”

California-Made, American-Grown Gift Options for Immune Support

Through Carmel Berry’s latest product launch, consumers can now enjoy the flavor-filled benefits of the Fresh-Pressed Elderberry Immune Supplements in two flavors: Honey + Cinnamon and Honey + Lemon. Both of these superfruit supplements contain:

● 10,200 mg elderberry per serving—more potent than most leading brands
● Zero refined sugars, preservatives, no water, or thickeners
● Fresh pressed elderberries—organically grown and never dried, never imported
● California Sage honey—a drought tolerant and native plant

Elderberry sales in the US have grown by triple digits in the past three years, yet over 95% of elderberry goods in the US use dried, imported berries. Carmel Berry is changing the landscape
with a commitment to only sourcing American grown nutrient rich berries and working with small organic farmers to offer grants, education and mentorship for elderberry growers.