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Product Showcase

The Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks books and toys are a line of educational products designed to set young children on a solid learning path toward high emotional intelligence (EI/EQ), which is exactly what children and parents need to thrive. The toys, books, and activities teach babies, toddlers and preschoolers skills in key areas including emotional and body self-awareness, emotion vocabulary, empathy, compassion and many more. The really good news is that this process for learning EQ fundamentals can begin as early as infancy.

Parents learn and benefit too! With the fun and engaging Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks books and toys, parents role model high emotional intelligence for their newborn or toddler during interactive play. Furthermore, the FREE downloadable guides at are full of practical and simple “CAN DO NOW” tips, rounding off a complete package of resources for EQ parenting.

Please make an appointment to come meet not only Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks, but also the other Bug Island residents including Aunt Andie Ant, King Walt Worm, Betty Bee Queen, Chief Franco Firefly, Maestro Humphrey Hummingbird, Sundee Sunflower and Dr. Spinner Spider

The Hoppy & Poppie PInkCheeks products include:

  • The Not SO Scary board book; designed to be a fun, interactive and favorite bed-time story for ages 0+.
  • The What We Feel board book; a beautiful book with a sweet story featuring Patoo, the flying blankie, a warm and empathetic Bug Island character whom children love.
  • The Patoo Character Blankie; a 14” quilted square, 100% organic cotton cuddly blankie so children can take Patoo, their comforting companion, with them wherever they go.
  • The Hoppy & Poppie PinkCheeks Plush are designed to be a child’s softest tag-along pals that are also highly versatile emotional intelligence teaching tools. Come visit us and see how!
  • The Emotion Wristbands are designed to be among a baby’s first emotional intelligence learning tools. Littles learn to name, choose and wear what emotion they’re feeling in the present moment, or place the emotion that Hoppy or Poppie are feeling inside their zippered pockets. The safe, 100% silicone, colorful emotion wristbands include 6 primary emotions: HAPPY, SAD, SCARED, EXCITED, ANGRY and CALM. Teaching a child emotion vocabulary early in life is very important for building their EI/EQ. The books expand a child’s vocabulary beyond these 6 primary emotions.