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Anxiety Aide

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Anxiety Aide started in 2019 when Cheryl Polrugach finally had enough. From the time she was 19, she suffered from panic attacks and crippling anxiety. She missed family events, didn’t travel, stayed home for months, never ate at restaurants and so much more, All due to her fear of panic attacks.

Then she become a Mom, and when she had to watch her kids battle anxiety attacks she knew she had to find a solution. She was determined to find a mix of natural ingredients that could help you calm down.
It had to be portable that can always be with you, it didn’t leave you groggy. It had to be a drink so it was easy to take when anxiety hit. The flavor was another big piece of the puzzle as we needed something mild and tasted good.

After much prayer, research, and testing Anxiety Aide was born. Cheryl worked with doctors, chemists, formulators and after hundreds of versions, the right mix of ingredients came together and worked.
Cheryl volunteers for several mental health and suicide awareness charities, NAMI being one of her favorites.
Anxiety Aide donates 10% of net proceeds to mental health and suicide prevention charities.

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