Andrea Mein DeWitt

Known for her infectious energy, Andrea Mein DeWitt inspires leaders and executives to step into their power, their potential, and ultimately their truth. Her inaugural book, “Name, Claim & Reframe-Your Path to a Well-Lived life” is a call to disarm from the suit of metaphorical armor that hides our truths, false identities, and the pain we’ve stuffed away and never acknowledged.

“This book is filled with inspiration and wisdom about how to take control of your life, but is written in a funny, relatable and heartfelt way with anecdotes that will resonate with everyone regardless of their age, background or gender,” said best-selling author Emily Griffin during the 3rd Hour of TODAY Show proclaiming this book as The Best Motivational Read for 2023.

Author and Leadership coach, Andrea breaks down how to handle life’s stressors into three simple steps for any reader to follow: name, claim and reframe. Why? Because throughout her work as a coach, Andrea noticed her clients struggling with how to face everyday triggers and life’s turbulent plot twists because they never truly learned how to identify these stressors. Let’s face it, how can we be expected to conquer life’s challenges when we don’t even know how to approach them? That’s why Andrea is empowering people to name the source of their stress, claim relevant actions that align with their values and reframe their thinking in order to achieve an optimistic reset.

Andrea’s practical approach to navigating life’s challenges centers around the NCR Toolbox—Name, Claim and Reframe®️; Balance your energies, stand by your core values, and create the life you want to live. A self-proclaimed warrior in recovery, Andrea’s platform teaches that it is only through attuned awareness and self-compassion that we heal ourselves from the inside out and form a potently powerful foundation to live authentically in our truth.

NEW for SPRING 2024

Andrea is following up the success of her best-selling book, “Name, Claim & Reframe-Your Path to a Well-Lived Life” with a “Name, Claim & Reframe The WORKBOOK—Your Guide to Responding to Life instead of Reacting to it.” Think about it—what if you could respond to life’s challenges instead of reacting to them? Now you can pattern resourceful, strategic, and graceful leadership by elevating the energy frequency of the room! Modeled after her group coaching program, this introspective journey is a treasure trove of provocative prompts and exercises to help you to process what you are learning and understand how Name, Claim and Reframe® applies to you and the life you hope to create.

A gifted facilitator, Andrea holds a M.Ed. in Reading Leadership from UC Berkeley and is a Certified Professional Coach through the International Coaching Federation and the Co-ActiveTraining Institute. She teaches leaders and executives the tools and new perspectives that truly change how they see themselves and how they navigate the changes they want to make in their life. *For more information and to purchase Name, Claim & Reframe, visit, Amazon, and Barnes & Noble.