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Anam Caras have an important mission: world peace. They believe “a compassionate world begins with you.” An Anam Cara is a friend to your soul who will guide you and protect you. Since I was a teenager, I’ve been drawing, painting and writing stories about fantastical guardian spirit-animals I call Anam Caras. Their name means Soul Friends in Gaelic. Today, I create from my Los Angeles-based studio.
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As you can see, I painted my Soul Friends in the shape of letters in watercolor and ink. Then I paired each painting with an inspiring blessing from the Anam Cara that becomes the basis of my collection of fine art prints.

It’s been a lifelong dream of mine to share the Anam Caras with the world. I had been giving prints of my Anam Caras art to friends as gifts and occasionally selling by word of mouth for a decade, so it was a natural progression to start an online store. But, there was just one problem: fine art printing requires both technical and artistic expertise. The inkjet printing process frustrated me to no end. More often than not, I ended up in tears wasting a lot of expensive paper and ink. Not only were the top professional labs prohibitively expensive, I couldn’t find a single one that produced results that met my standards.

The Anam Caras worked their magic. I reached out to the tech support representative for my favorite paper manufacturer, Hahnemühle. When he found out I lived in Los Angeles, he referred me to Eric Joseph, a local master fine art printmaker and educator who has devoted his life to teaching others the art of fine art printing. Eric changed my life. I learned how to consistently produce prints that perfectly matched the color of my original art and I fell in love with an array of archival watercolor papers.

I make personalized fine art prints for people who care about quality. Most art for children is inexpensive; it’s mass-produced and/or cheaply made. I personally make prints in my studio on a top of line Canon printer on the world’s finest papers. I obsess over every little detail and write and rewrite the message on each print until I’m sure that it will touch the heart of the viewer.