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Our mission is simple: helping people live longer, healthier lives through the powerful integration of advanced science and nature.

We’re dedicated to helping you regain your vitality by providing a gateway to health which includes innovative health supplements and access to the latest research news, nutrition, and fitness, so you can lead a stronger, healthier life.

From the moment we begin developing any 1MD Nutrition™ product, we include only the highest quality, clinically researched ingredients available, even if we have to make smaller batches. We believe your health is worth the extra time and effort put into securing the very best. Our completely US-based facilities exceed the FDA standards, are 100% compliant with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), NSF-certified, and are continuously improving using the latest safety testing.

We only source our ingredients from the purest, clinically-researched, raw materials available. Our supply partners are held to our rigorous five-star test to ensure they are honest, open, reputable, and environmentally conscious, while adhering to the same core ideals we value.