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A (Virtual) Press Junket

Living your life by a deadline is not always easy. We know it’s like herding cats to get all the elements you need to finish your stories, especially product round-ups, gift guides and reviews. Consumer Product Events was founded in 2009 by a consumer packaged PR guru of 30 years, holding in-person events in New York City and Los Angeles which brought the media together to be exposed to newsworthy products. Since physical events are a thing of the past, Media & Merch is now a virtual press junket. Expressly created for reporters, influencers, bloggers, producers, editors and freelancers, you have the ability to RSVP for live product presentations which interest you. You’ll be able to get all the information you need including samples, images, copy and interviews.


August 2023

Product Showcase
9:00 am PST /
12:00 pm EST|
August 30, 2023

Lady Fortunes INC

Unique edible gift in great taste.
Product Showcase
10:00 am PST /
1:00 pm EST|
August 30, 2023


Infuse’s Yerba Mate Radiance Eye Cream is for all mature skin types and is designed to target the delicate skin around the eye to address fine lines and wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness using a proprietary blend of the yerba mate plant.
Product Showcase
10:30 am PST /
1:30 pm EST|
August 30, 2023

Andrea Mein DeWitt

Andrea Mein DeWitt, an author and life coach, empowers leaders to embrace their power, potential, and truth through her book "Name, Claim & Reframe-Your Path to a Well-Lived Life," recognized as the top motivational read on the TODAY Show for 2023, and she is now preparing to release a companion workbook, "Name, Claim & Reframe The WORKBOOK—Your Guide to Responding to Life instead of Reacting to it," in Spring 2024.
Product Showcase
11:00 am PST /
2:00 pm EST|
August 30, 2023


Help kids and make an income by teaching growth mindset to children through running games
Product Showcase
11:30 am PST /
2:30 pm EST|
August 30, 2023

Helen Ficolora

Timeless jewelry pieces crafted from beautiful yellow, pink and white gold with diamond accents.
Product Showcase
12:00 pm PST /
3:00 pm EST|
August 30, 2023


Clearlight®—the industry leader in infrared sauna and pioneer in innovative health and wellness solutions for more than 20 years.
Product Showcase
12:30 pm PST /
3:30 pm EST|
August 30, 2023

Gemma Di Luna

Sparklers and Wines made from Italian grape varietals
Product Showcase
1:30 pm PST /
4:30 pm EST|
August 30, 2023

Carmel Berry Co.

Put the Power of Fresh Pressed Elderberry Immune Supplements in Your Wellness Holiday Stockings and Gift Baskets